“I feel the natural nourishment of mother on Bali. It is so lush and green. This allows me to discover more of who I am. The culture and people are very welcoming. The people are open. It is full of art-from the simple daily offerings to high art.”

My work expresses a way to balance form in relation with the senses. A miracle can happen anytime at the moment of silence when we can hear our inner being. The challange for myself is to shape natures’ materials in divine relationship with my inner vision.


I practices my art with clear vision: To help heal a divided world, a divided man.
My message is: Life is about love, the reason for being and the reason for all.
I believe on must be conscious of his or her own progress of evolution.
I teach three basic principles in life: sustaining balance in the world, reverence for the earth and living things, and personal responsibility.