“The true quality of the soul is that of space, by which it is at rest everywhere”


A Sculptor Of Souls

Follow the rainbow of your eyes and derive the longing from its own uneasiness. The love is printed in the drifting of yourdreams. It comes feverish in to the land of oneness. Spread my hands to touch the baby inside you, who lives there and is like a timeless creative perfection. Showered under the hot sun, emerge inside your mythical land of fairytales, reveal yourself, hurt from your own desire of wanting.

You try to live with unmanageable thirst for the freedom offered to you from the real love. The serenity is like a honey drop cloud into the land of your soul, your thoughts become the faith angel. You believe in something. You feel making love is like a flight, without fear. Drink uninterrupted the enthusiastic juice, driving the mind, the body, the heart into happiness. You are the witness of you, and of all things.



  • Soul Crystal Sound Healing

  • Work on Assemblage Point

  • Yoga & Meditation Workshops

  • Perfume & Essential Oils Workshops